HK Police Order Bereaved Families Mourning the Lamma Ferry Collision Victims for the 8th Year to “Stop Acting”

The letter asks the Hong Kong authorities to reveal the truth behind the tragic collision that claimed 39 lives

HK Hospital Authority: Staff took part in strike will face possible legal consequence

Many medical staff took part in the strike in February 2020 in a bid to pressure the government to lockdown the city’s boarders

The Dos and Don’ts: Hong Kong schools Introduce New ‘Rules’ Under National Security Law

According to these school authorities, these "dos and don'ts" under the National Security Law are

Attackers Destroy Lennon Wall at HKU with Tools

It is not known why the attackers could enter the campus

Anti-Communist Dissidents Set to Gather on October 1st

#StandwithHK, 12 Hong Kong dissidents are still held under Communist custody without due process. October 1 promises to be the next clash between the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy supporters and the Communist-controlled puppet government. #TakeDownTheCCP

HK Police Promote Commander Notorious for Brutal Treatment of Pro-democracy Civilians

Former chairmen of Demosistō Nathan Law said he was very disappointed about the promotion

HK Police: I Used My Baton to Calm Down the Arrestees

None of the police officers displayed their warrants nor identification pin

Demands Authorities to Release Data from Navigation Surveillance Radar

12 Hong Kong residents are suspected of being arrested by the Guangdong Coast Guard within Hong Kong’s waters

Government Denies Setting Up “Goals” in Universal Testing Scheme: Carrie Lam Calls it a “Success” with 32 COVID-19 Cases Identified

It was estimated that over 1.7 million specimen were collected

Court Refuses Bail and Detains HK’s Pro-democracy Activist Charged with ‘Sedition’ Without Trial

Former legislator 'Long Hair' Leung Kwok-hung and district councillor Tsang Kin-shing also voiced their support for Tam on site

Assistant professor from mainland criticise students for calling themselves “Hongkongers” and “forgetting their ancestors”

Assistant professor from mainland China picked offerings for dishes and soup, criticising students for calling themselves "Hongkongers" and "forgetting their ancestors"

12 Hong Kong youth Extradited to China Mainland By the Sea

It was the Chinese national security officials who crossed the border to abduct 12 Hongkongers in Hong Kong waters

HK Police Demonstrate Polar Definition of “Dangerous Driving”

A week ago on Sept 6, HK police arrested a bus driver who was driving at a speed of 35km/h

Hongkongers Suspend Protests to Mourn Victims of 9/11; CCP Netizens Support Terrorist Attack on the U.S.

CCP netizens had a different take according to the statements they post on social media

Freedom House Gives Annual Freedom Award to All Pro-democracy Hongkongers

In 2020, Freedom House gave the award to Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement

HK police continue arbitrary arrests, insulting and picking on harmless elderly

A group of citizens peacefully voiced support for the detained protesters and activists outside Lai Chi Kok reception center

Pro-CCP School in HK Harshly Penalizes Student for Showing Pro-democracy Slogan on Communication App and Threatens to Boot Him Out

The student was severely penalized by the school for immediately suspending schooling for a week

Hongkonger on Cancelled Election Day: “We are still going to get 35+ seats next year, silly.”

September 6, 2020 was supposed to be the election day for the Legislative Council

Police Continue Mass Arrest in Hong Kong on Cancelled Election Day

At least 4 women in the crowd were being arrested and taken away by a police vehicle

Bus Driver Charged with Possession of “Offensive Weapons” Being Spanner and Screw Driver by HK Police

A New World Bus driver was arrested by the police when on duty on September 6, 2020

Hong Kong Uses CCP-Made Test Kits which had High False-Positive Results in Sweden

BGI Genomics was accused by the Swedish Public Health Agency that they received false-positive results on using BGI’s test kits