BGY – CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare Plan to Control the World (3) – BIDEN-familie, de perfecte pop van CCP

作者:庚子灭共              荷兰语翻译:荷兰郁金香 荷兰语校对:木木 Zich bewust van zijn militaire en politieke nadeel, zocht de CCP naar “alternatieve vormen van oorlogvoering” om de vijanden effectief te verslaan, met tactieken die gezamenlijk haar overkoepelende nationale strategie in onbeperkte oorlogsvoering ondersteunen. BGY, afgekort voor Blauw, Goud, Geel, heeft tot doel de westerse hoogwaardigheidsbekleders op te jagen door middel van

DOJ: Eight Individuals Charged With Conspiring to Act as Illegal Agents of the People’s Republic of China

Eight Individuals who took part in the Chinese Communist Party's “Operation Fox Hunt” have been charged in the US

BGY – Het onbeperkte oorlogsplan van de CCP om de wereld te controleren (1)

作者:庚子灭共(文瑞) 荷兰语翻译:木木 荷兰语校对:心灵感应 “Miles Guo vertelde me toen ik hem voor het eerst ontmoette,” herinnerde Steven Bannon zich tijdens zijn livestream interview van 20 oktober met Lude Media dat “de manieren waarop CCP mensen heeft gecompromitteerd BGY heet, d.w.z. online, vrouwen, geld en goud. En Hunter Biden is een klassiek voorbeeld van BGY.” De Chinese

Amy Coney Barrett and the Leftist Agenda

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is the first pro-life woman Supreme Court Justice. This marks the tidal change of identity politics in the US. As the Left is losing traction among women and minorities, they slip into the tendency of totalitarianism - the same playbook of the CCP.

Wake Up America! — The criminal acts of the Bidens and others impact Ameri-can politics

If we vote for Joe Biden, criminals will rule the American people,and the CCP will take over the United States. Vote NO to Biden,and take down the CCP!

BGY – Piano di guerra senza restrizioni del CCP per il controllo del mondo (1)

Miles Guo mi ha detto quando l'ho incontrato per la prima volta", ha ricordato Steven Bannon durante la sua intervista del 20 ottobre con Lude Media che "i modi in cui il PCC ha compromesso le persone sono BGY, cioè online, donne, soldi e oro". E Hunter Biden è un classico esempio di BGY".

Shall Not Let America’s Tomorrow Become Communist China’s Today

Ms. Sara emphasized 3 reasons why BIAs of the Whistleblower Movement are rallying in TX in protesting the CCP spy Bob Fu. Kudos to the protesters for their courage and efforts!

Email de Wang Xin a Hunter Biden

La colusión entre Hunter Biden y los del Partido Comunista de China

Is it a crime to betray the country?incest? sexually assault a child? Mr.“H”&“O”?Who else is a big crocodile?the latest update..更新时间:22:22–29/10/2020

Hunter Biden is At present, the gtv media exclusively broke the news, revealing the truth and the criminal group that has been committing crimes.

Biden-Obama’s $1 Billion deal to sell out America

Connection between photo released yesterday and $1 billion deal paid to Biden-Obama by the CCP.

Ultimate Battle 5: How to Rule the Country? Joe Biden is Mr.O’s Real Boss

1 billion dollars is the price to keep America silent about the South China Sea issue. But Mr.O is only the puppet, most of billion dollars was evenly shared by Joe and Hunter.

Why Is the Chinese CDC Warning for New Types of Coronavirus

Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, is a Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Bioweapon from CCP’s military lab. Since this virus is from the lab, there can be more than one virus strain reserved during the experiment and they will potentially be released in the public.

Ultimate Battle 4: Who the hell had watching Mr.O in White House?

Who the hell had watching Mr.O in White House?gtv, gnews exclusive revelation series article link: Hunt Fornication Videos

Was Hunter talking to Obama about selling out America?

This is a photo taken on April 4th, 2016. What was Hunter talking to President Obama about? Could it relate to BHR and Biden's loan agreement?

Is Xi Signalling Another War Against America Is on the Way?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s attempt for world domination is in shambles: Globally, the call for holding the CCP accountable for the COVID-19 is growing stronger and stronger


The CCP's main exports are corruption and lies! Zhao Lijian, the face of this regime, has become synonymous with lies

ABC Australia shows its true colour by not reporting the Biden’s scandal

ABC Australia refused to report on Hunter Biden's scandal, despite solid source and corroborators.

Aktuelles von Lude Media – über den US-Finanzminister Mnuchin

ktuelles von Lude Media - über den US-Finanzminister Mnuchin

More Than 60 CIA Agents Were Killed by the CCP Because of Joe Biden’s Betrayal

One of them called Tong BaoGuo, she and her families, all three were killed together. Also there was a pregnant woman, her due date was around 10 days, but she was killed without any mercy.

1. Obama und Biden haben CIA-Informanten verraten 2. Warum begingen Obama und Biden Landesverrat? 3. Videobeweise für Kinderschändung durch Hunter Biden und Steven Mnuchin

Inhalt 1. Lude Media 2. Obama und Biden haben CIA-Informanten verraten 3. Warum begingen Obama und Biden Landesverrat? 4. Ukraine 5. Hunter Bidens Laptop: Videobeweise für Kinderschändung durch Hunter Biden und Steven Mnuchin 6. Warum tauchen auf einmal so viele Kinderschändungsvideos auf 7. Linke US-Medien haben dieselben „Biden-Festplatten“ erhalten, sie schweigen 8. US-Director of National Intelligence: Hunter Bidens Laptop hat mit Russland nichts zu tun 9. Bannon auf Ludes Livesendung

Like it or not, we are at war with CCP

The Free World is now at war with the Chinese Communist Party, CCP. The CCP denied freedom to the Chinese people, infiltrated the West, created and released a bioweapon.